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On March 14th, Action No. 1 of the Cycle of Sessions of “Knowledge Transfer of Cork Oak and Cork” took place, with the theme “Pruning in Cork Trees”.

This cycle of sessions is part of the ECC Provere “Montado de Sobro e Cortiça”, promoting the connection of the scientific world with the forest reality, privileging the interconnection of scientific knowledge and its practical application. In this action, “Podas em Sobreiros” collaborated with INIAV, ICNF, GNR – SEPNA and APFC, having spent a morning in the auditorium of the Cork Oak and Cork Observatory with interventions dedicated to the types of pruning, season and care to take, consequences of poorly executed pruning and legal framework / authorizations in charge of the ICNF. INIAV having addressed the theme: From Practice to Theory: Effect of pruning on the growth of trees and on the production of quality cork and the GNR Environmental Center addressed the theme of inspections and controls. The second part took place in S. José da Lamarosa, with the practical execution of training and maintenance pruning.

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