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As part of the PROVERE initiatives “Montado de Sobro e Cortiça 2014-2020”, a set of six Brainstorming and Creativity actions took place during the first half of April, which aimed to contribute to the dissemination of EEC and the economic valorisation of endogenous resources and reinventing products and services linked to this unique ecosystem. The following were promoted:

Three general Brainstorming and Creativity sessions

Aimed at presenting PROVERE, the distinctive and dynamic elements of the territory, investment support opportunities and key tools for the development of a business idea. These sessions took place at the Observatory of Cork and Cork – Coruche, at the Arts and Culture Center of Ponte de Sor and at the NERE Building in Évora.

Three Brainstorming and Creativity sessions with a personalized theme

Focused on sectors of strategic activity for PROVERE / regional economy, namely Tourism and Visitation, the Forest and Agrifood and the Design and New Products of Cork, in these Sessions the potential of these sectors were addressed and the specific challenges and opportunities associated with themselves.

These sessions also contributed to the debate of ideas and support for candidates for the Ideas and Creativity Contest.

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