“From the World to the Mounted” Exhibition Opens at Coruche Municipal Market Gallery

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The illustration exhibition “Do Mundo ao Montado”, integrated in the show “Música Ambiente”, opened on the morning of January 4th. Us and the environment on three continents. First-person stories, illustrated by Shirley van der Horst.

The opening ceremony was attended by Francisco Silvestre de Oliveira, President of CM de Coruche, Inês Roque, President of Ambios Portugal and Alexandre Coelho, President of the Sociedade de Instrução Coruchense. This initiative results from a joint organization of EEC PROVERE Montado de Sobro e Cortiça, CM Coruche, AMBIOS Portugal and Sociedade Instrução Coruchense. Until the next 25th of January you can visit this exhibition at the Galeria do Mercado Municipal.