“Montado – Cork with art” is the new EEC PROVERE “Montado de Sobro e Cortiça” partner entity ”

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We are pleased to announce that “Montado – Cortiça com arte” joins the batch of EEC PROVERE “Montado de Sobro e Cortiça private partners.

“Montado – Cork with art” was born within a company with more than 40 years of experience in the market. Despite its national origin, Montado has a global vision for a greener and more sustainable planet.

We are talking about an eco-friendly fashion brand in premium quality cork and contemporary design: cork bags, wallets and bags, backpacks, shoes and other accessories … always in cork. Unique, natural and beautiful.

The Montado, an ecosystem made up of fragile-balanced cork oak forests that remain only in some areas of the Mediterranean, served as an inspiration for the name.

“Montado – Cork with art” has a team of renowned and young designers, as well as the experienced hands of those who know how to work with cork in order to bring a very diverse collection of products to their customers. That’s how “Montado – Cork with art”.