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Adherent Brands

Black Pig Alentejo

Miguel Ângelo Nunes’ taste and affection for Alentejo and its cork oak, cork, animals, plants, beaches and fields ecosystem, was at the origin of the Black Pig Alentejo brand. This distillery is located on the Alentejo coast, in the municipality of Santiago de Cacém, producing gin, rum and arbutus.

In 2019, the Black Pig Alentejo brand, with its Gin, became the most awarded brand in the whole of Europe, also distinguished as one of the best entrepreneurial ideas in Portugal in TurismUP and with the winning of several gold medals in international competitions .

Its artisanal production method, respecting the Alentejo precepts and traditions, working exclusively with botanists from the montado and the Alentejo coast, without an ecological footprint and with an environmental conscience, means that a genuinely Alentejo and sustainable product is produced.

The biodiversity of this unique ecosystem is its catalyst and Black Pig Alentejo also represents Alentejo culture through the creation of the pata negra in extensive regime, fully assembled in tune with native trees such as the cork and strawberry tree. The pata negra, the true master of the montado, serves as inspiration for the name of the Black Pig Alentejo concept in which there is a perfect symbiosis between animals, ecosystem and final product. In addition to contributing to the preservation of the Alentejo forest and the valorization of the local economy, it also serves as a way of promoting the region, Alentejo culture and traditions at national and international level.

The brand’s last step was adherence to the cork stopper instead of the previous metallic stopper. The mount scoring points …


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Montado – Cortiça com Arte

Montado was born in a company with more than 40 years of experience in the market. The origins are Portuguese but the destination is the world … for a greener and more sustainable planet. It is a community brand of environmentally friendly fashion articles, produced with a raw material with absolutely unique properties, cork: 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable; 100% unique, distinct and trendy.

With cork, the brand created bags, wallets, shoes and many other fashion accessories of premium quality and contemporary design that allow it to affirm its environmental values ​​without sacrificing elegance and personal style. In addition, a significant and growing share of the articles that make up the collection are also Vegan-friendly – 100% free of any animal products.

A brand that, as genuinely Portuguese, sees the montado and cork as an integral part of our culture, of our DNA, a legacy that we want to share with you.

Buying top quality products in cork has never been easier, all at the click of a button.

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Juncos – Mão com arte e saber

Juncus is a family business that arises from its love for crafts and that seeks to take tradition by making it contemporary and original.

One of the trends in fashion accessories is handmade bags. Knowing this and seeing great potential in this segment, Juncus created 100% handmade reed bags with different contemporary patterns that will certainly contribute to a more original and current look. Reeds are harvested on the plains of Coruche and have been the basis of family tradition for 4 generations; the loom and the handmade work complete the baskets that beautify and finish with rigor and quality. In your collection you can find several baskets with a touch of contemporary and current style but keeping the authenticity of its techniques and raw material of origin. These baskets can be customized with any extra accessory that is intended to increase some differentiation to the product, cork being one of those options.

From Coruche to the World, genuine products and simple to purchase conveniently online.

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Entre Meios – Ideias e Recursos Locais

Realizing ideas is the motto of Maria José Caçador and her Entre Meios. A handicraft that results from various experiences and places, which are part of his life path.

Currently, cork and oak products, allied to others, are its base of work.

Realizing ideas based on the formula of the 3 “R” – Reusing, Recycling and Recreating – makes each work the right piece for a certain person, the right piece for a particular event or special occasion.

The limit is really imagination and we can find a little of everything in Entre Meios’ vast portfolio, from coasters, bookmarks, frames, bags and cribs to gift boxes for a good wine or an original “game of the cock”.

If you have an idea for something rustic and original and want someone to make it a reality, do not hesitate to contact Entre Meios.

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Restaurants Sabores de Coruche

It is a well located restaurant, easily accessible, dedicated to Ribatejo cuisine, with a greater incidence in meat, namely brava, but also with varied fish dishes.

The flavors of the extensive Coruche mountain range and the Sorraia fields are well represented, through careful preparation, based on the best that the wild land allows us to enjoy and as examples of this are wild meat – both game and wild bull. -, the black pig of the montado, asparagus, tubers, mushrooms, in addition to fish such as largemouth bass and shad.

A space Suitable for small family, friends or business groups.

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Jacinto Rodrigo – Apicultor

Jacinto Santos Rodrigo was born in Coruche in 1950. His grandfather and father had been beekeepers, so his contact with this activity started at a very young age.

About thirty years ago he surrendered to beekeeping and dedicated himself body and soul, initially in tenements that were later replaced by boxes. It even had 200 hives, mainly located in the Herdade da Agolada forest, with production intrinsically linked to the local climate and flora.

In periods of higher production, it exported to other European countries, focusing its offer on rosemary, eucalyptus and multifloral honey and pollen. In addition to resale, it also sells directly, in particular to individuals who make traditional honey cakes and to the general public, regularly participating in several fairs such as FICOR and Sabores do Toiro Bravo and other events. As a complement, his wife Maria Rosa produces candles in the most diverse forms, selling both of her products at the Coruche Municipal Market on Saturdays each month.

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The cork and olive wood are at the base of the Artifices work. Since 2002, Sandra Velez has bet on works made mostly with these materials, works that appear spontaneously or by specific request.

Elegance, aesthetic sense and a superior care for details make each piece unique, full of authenticity, one of the cares of this Coruña artisan.

Among the countless works, highlight for bases for various purposes, whether for a meal entree, for tea service, including supports for tablets.

Its products can be found at the Tourist Office of Coruche, in Ponte de Sôr in the “Cscork” store and also at events and craft fairs, such as FICOR and the International Craft Fair at FIL.

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