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Cork and the Cork Oak Forest

The Cork Oak Forest is one of the world’s most complex ecosystems. Portugal has 34% of the world’s Cork Oak Forest landscape and the largest global area, spanning 736 thousand hectares and amounting to 23% of the country’s forests.

Further reports: APCOR

Why should Cork and the Cork Oak Forest be valued and protected?

  • The landscape has high natural and cultural value
  • The Cork Oak Forest is a reference ecosystem for balancing between nature conservation and economical and social development
  • It gives cork – a national, high market value raw material
  • The Cork Oak Forest is an important source of air quality, trapping over 14 million tons of CO2 every year
  • It fosters orderly, close-knit communities, with public areas and services where everyone feel at home
  • It sets the stage for a varied economic framework, high quality education and training facilities with high environmental and urban standards
  • In the Cork Oak Forest quality time is a real option: time to live and explore, time to work and dream, and time be part of something bigger!