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EEC PROVERE “Cork and the Cork Oak Forest 2014-2020” is managed by an Action Programme with five Macro Projects, (MP) that transcribe the requirements of the geographical area, according to the recommendations of the Alentejo Management Body 2020. The five MP include anchor programmes and complimentary programmes promoted by both public and private entities. The Project is the driving force behind the development strategy that has been proposed, and as such, it is behind the enforcement of the Action Programme, and behind the promotion and branding of the indigenous resource. In turn, complementary projects are critical for strengthening the regional economic base, and for the achievement of strategic goals.


MP 1. Management and Coordination: securing the management of the activities of the Action Programme 2014-2020;

MP 2. Network Cork and Cork Oak Forest: enforcing territorial measures within the geographical area of the PROVERE, and promoting cooperation network among the entities in the area, as a way of overcoming scarcity of scale and agglomeration economies;

MP 3. Marketing and Territorial Animation: developing and implementing marketing and territorial animation measures that foster local, national and international development and brand recognition of cork and the Cork Oak Forest;

MP 4. Knowledge and innovation: promoting knowledge about cork and the Cork Oak Forestthat can help boost competitiveness in economic activities, through investment in research, development and innovation (ID&I); 

MP 5. Qualification and Internationalisation: promoting cork and the Cork Oak Forestthrough product enhancement, industry processes and human resources through product qualification, in international markets and networks. 


Anchor Projects and Complementary Projects

The vast array of projects, or Action Programs, includes those promoted by PROVERE partners, duly noted in the following table:

Number Typology Name Promoter
MP 1. Coordination and Management
P1.1 (A) Anchor Project Structure for Partnership Coordination and Management Municipality of Coruche
MP 2. Cork Oak Forest Network
P2.1 (A) Anchor Project Cork Oak Forest Grand Route Intermunicipal Community of Central Alentejo
P2.2 (C) Complementary Project Polinucleado Museum – Cork Collection Municipality of Grândola
P2.3 (C) Complementary Project Montado Environmental Centre Municipality of Coruche
P2.4 (C) Complementary Project Cork Innovation and Knowledge Centre Municipality of Vendas Novas
P2.5 (C) Complementary Project Abrigo do Outeiro Sociedade Agrícola Monte Cruz
P2.6 (C) Complementary Project Estate of Casa Branca da Estrada Herdade da Casa Branca da Estrada
P2.7 (C) Complementary Project Correr para o montado e descansar Osvaldo Moreno e Ana M. de Oliveira
MP 3. Marketing and Entertainment in the Territory
P3.1 (A) Anchor Project Information Structure for the Montado System Regional Office of Turismo Alentejo
P3.2 (C) Complementary Project FILCORK Action Plan for 2016-2018 FILCORK –Inter-professional Cork Association
P3.3 (C) Complementary Project Suberoteca APFC – Associação de Produtores Florestais do Concelho de Coruche
P3.4 (C) Complementary Project Bird-watching in Ponte de Sor Municipality of Ponte de Sor
MP 4. Knowledge and Innovation
P4.1 (A) Anchor Project Strategic Program for Integrated Valorization at Montado UNAC – Union of the Mediterranean Forest
P4.2 (C) Complementary Project Agenda 3i9 FILCORK –Inter-professional Cork Association
P4.3 (C) Complementary Project SIM-MONTADO University of Évora
P4.4 (C) Complementary Project PLATISOR AFLOSOR – Associação de Produtores Agro-Florestais de Ponte de Sor
P4.5 (C) Complementary Project GO Nutrisuber INIAV – National Institute for Agrarian and Veterinarian Research, I. P.
P4.6 (C) Complementary Project GO Cobrilha UNAC – Union of the Mediterranean Forest
P4.7 (C) Complementary Project INIAV Operational Groups INIAV – National Institute for Agrarian and Veterinarian Research, I. P.
P4.8 (C) Complementary Project Improving production of pastures in acidic soils at Montado University of Évora
P4.9 (C) Complementary Project Novinoc Fertiprado, Lda
P4.10 (C) Complementary Project Protecting the forest against biotic agents APFC – Associação de Produtores Florestais do Concelho de Coruche
P4.11 (C) Complementary Project PDR Operation 8.1.5 Improving Resilience and Environmental Value of Forests. Municipality of Coruche
P4.12 (C) Complementary Project Ambition 2020 (Project 605) Amorim & Irmãos, SA
P4.13 (C) Complementary Project Productive Innovation Amorim Florestal, SA
P4.14 (C) Complementary Project greenURBANLIVING Amorim Isolamentos, SA
P4.15 (C) Complementary Project i9 CorkGranulates SEC – Sociedade Exportadora de Cortiça, Lda
P4.16 (C) Complementary Project Máquina de extração de cortiça UNAC/FILCORK
P4.17 (C) Complementary Project Fabricação de Máquinas para a Fileira Florestal Maquinarte- Investigação e Desenvolvimento de Máquinas, Lda
P4.18 (C) Complementary Project Cut & Care Ferreira de Macedo S.A.
P4.19 (C) Complementary Project Case Study of Cork Industry APCOR – Portuguese Cork Association
P4.20 (C) Complementary Project iCork Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon
P4.21 (C) Complementary Project Cortiça Aglomerada – New applications Starcork, Revestimentos de Cortiça Lda
MP 5. Qualification and Internationalization
P5.1 (A) Anchor Project Intercork III – Campanha Internacional da Cortiça APCOR – Portuguese Cork Association
P5.2 (C) Complementary Project Programa Estruturante para a promoção da Inovação Sustentável no Alentejo Central – Alentejo Green Business NERE – Núcleo Empresarial da Região de Évora
P5.3 (C) Complementary Project Alentejo Export NERE – Núcleo Empresarial da Região de Évora
P5.4 (C) Complementary Project COOPCORK UNAC – Union of the Mediterranean Forest
P5.5 (C) Complementary Project UNAC PDR Operation 2.1.4 UNAC – Union of the Mediterranean Forest
P5.6 (C) Complementary Project Starcork 2015-2016 Starcork, Revestimentos de Cortiça Lda

The realization of these projects is the sole responsibility of each of the partners via the identification and response to applications for candidacy within the current period of financial programming, with no source of financial associated with the EEC approved for the effect, with the exception of the Anchor Project relative to the Structure for Partner Coordination and Management.

Output and Outcome Indicators

The execution of the Action Program has made a contribution to the regional goals set for PROVERE’s outcome and output indicators. The PO Regional do Alentejo 2020 has defined the “multiplying effect of public investment in private investment” as an outcome indicator and the existence of the “specific strategy of valorization of endogenous resources” as an output indicator.

In the case of PROVERE “Montado de Sobro e Cortiça”, regarding the Action Program candidacy, for each €1 of public investment there is associated €7.70 of private investment (output indicator contracted based on investment values presented for each of the partners).

Indicator Target-Values 2023
PO Alentejo 2020 PROVERE Montado de Sobro e Cortiça
Multiplying effect of public investment in private investment 5,4 7,7
Specific strategy of valorization of endogenous resources 5 1

With some differences with respect to the previous PROVERE, the approved EEC responds to the new challenges of the territories of the Cork Oak Forest, fostering the competitiveness of its low-density territory, affording it greater value and consolidating its identity and economic potential focused on endogenous resources, of which the following are highlighted:

  • Territory of broad coverage: the definition of this new territory of intervention is based on the municipalities that are part of the European Network of Cork-Producing Territories (RETECORK) and the municipalities whose areas of cork forests is greater than 15% of their land. This area covers the Northern Alentejo Region to Coastal Alentejo positioned on a northeast/southwest axis;
  • Reinforcement in the number and diversity of partner, and of the complementary nature of projects/initiatives;
  • Exclusive financing for the Coordinating Structure and Management in terms of specific notice, with no provision for specific notices for carrying out other projects from the Action Program.