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MP1., Management and Coordination 1.1 – Coordination and Partnership Management, incorporation of measures promoted by the Leading Entity, by the members of the Consortium and its Partners; Partnership and Activities Management and Coordination; national and international promotion of the indigenous product through education, employability, or internationalisation. This projects presented a total budget estimate for the enforcement of the PROVERE during the four years of the project; its funding is only guaranteed until October 2018. (2 years after the formal approval of the EEC, on 12 October 2016).

Planned Activities

  • Coordination and Partnership Management Team
  • IT, Furniture and Office Equipment
  • The Brand “Montado de Sobro e Cortiça”
  • Communication Materials
  • Territorial Impetus Plan
  • Promotional Measures, on a National and International level
  • International Event
  • Promotion of Education and Innovation through Local Networks
  • Internal Entrepreneurship Initiative: More Ideas, More Employment
  • Internationalisation Plan
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Partnership governance structure

The governance model is made up of the Entity Leader (Municipality of Coruche), the Administrative Council (partnership entities with projects in the Action Program), the Council for Strategic Orientation and Monitoring (representatives of institutions, entities and organizations with relevance and intervention in the field of regional development and other fields relevant to the EEC), to which sufficient independence should be granted to allow for the development of competences with autonomy and separate functions. The entities responsible for the implementation of the Pacts for Development and Territorial Cohesion (CIM) and the Strategies for Community-Based Local Development (GAL) and the Technical Team must be included in this body.