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Who We Are

On 29 July 2009, the PROVERE“O Montado de Sobro e Cortiça” gained formal approval for its Collective Efficiency Strategy (EEC) “O Montado de Sobro e Cortiça”, under the previous financial programming (Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional 2007-2013 – QREN). Beside public bodies, 19 other bodies were involved, as were parties in the cork industry, covering all stages in the production chain, from raw-material to the final product.

After the EEC was approved in the 2007-2013 QREN, the Strategy was revised, the Partnership was strengthened and a new Action Programme was set for 2014-2020, according to the recommendations given during the 2015 evaluation process, in compliance with the designs of the Convite NºALT20-28-2016-12 and POR Alentejo 2020 (namely regarding the Investment Priority 8.9), and the new EEC PROVERE “Cork and the Montado de Sobro 2014-2020” was approved on 12 October 2016.

Despite some changes, when compared to the previous PROVERE, the approved EEC addresses the new challenges facing the Cork and Cork Oak Forestregion, fostering competiveness in a low density region, adding value, and strengthening the identity and economical potential of the indigenous resource .

After the formal approval of the EEC PROVERE ““O Montado de Sobro e Cortiça” 2014-2020” [“Cork and the Cork Oak Forest 2014-2020”], the Projeto Âncora “Estrutura de Coordenação e Gestão” [Coordination and Management Structure], part of the back-office, have focused on a management model, and on supporting partnerships aiming at promoting the indigenous resource.

Regarding their partnership support, we would like to mention that the business opportunities monthly bulletin allows all partners to verify the eligibility of their investments, within different funding opportunities.